When we first started talking about Camp High it was never about building a brand or a business. It was about finding a path back to simpler times and resurrecting the things we loved in a cool, wearable way.

From clear days, long nights and inspirational friends to positive vibes, deep cuts, and road trips... what if all that could manifest into fresh and cozy clothing?

Camp High pieces are exactly what we want and what we’ve been missing. Oversize silhouettes, unexpected details, fresh colors, heady graphics and most of all, super soft yarns... these are the perfect pieces to live in for day, night, whatever.

Camp High comes nice and easy. We’re not focused on a fashion timeline or over-produced anything. We’re just going to make really unique and premium products that work for your lifestyle and when we nail it we’ll drop it.

Most importantly, we want you to be with us through it all. Follow us, throw us ideas and inspiration, hang with us, and live the fun, free and cozy life through our creations.

Because when it comes to Camp High - Camp is always in session and you are always invited.